1. Are you trying to eliminate the curatorial aspect in your gallery?

1. I’m not particularly trying to do this. I’m only trying to assure that the exhibited works will comply with elementary concept of the gallery.

2. What is the concept of your gallery like?

2. Our gallery should ideally connect and at the same time appeal independently to two groups of people:

a) the house tenants, who encounter the exhibited work several times a day when entering the house.

b) people outside, who got the opportunity to enter into foreign space which requires certain amount of courage and confidence.

The gallery opening is thus a place where these two groups of people may meet and maybe even get to know each other. In wider sense it should operate as a platform for social contacts among people from different social and cultural backgrounds, who live in one city or in one quarter.

The content of exhibited works should in some way reflect this, together with other restrictions given by technical parameters of the gallery. 

3. Do you know about any contemporary art gallery with a similar concept abroad, which is as well run by the artists and whose activity remains in the non-profit sector? Would you give me, please, its website and email address. Choose one gallery only.

3. I thing that in a similar way functions (or used to function) the apartment, studio and club 17 m2 of Magda Bielesz in Warsaw.

4. Are you willing to participate in a small conference held in October 2009 on the subject: Role of the curator in contemporary Czech fine art?

4. I am willing to participate, but I m not sure if I have anything to say regarding this theme.


Daniela Deutelbaumová
19. 6. 2009