Gallery F43

1. Are you trying to eliminate the curatorial aspect in your gallery?

1. We basically want artists who exhibit in the gallery to be respectful to the environment around the gallery which is a cemetery. Apart from that, we leave artists to do things freely so in the way we do not control artists as usual curators.

2. What is the concept of your gallery like?

2. First of all we are both foreigners and we wanted to open some space not specially for czech artists since in Prague there are many galleries which exhibit czech artists mainly.

So we tried to put more foreign artists.

And of course the space is so specific. It is a cemetery and death is a universal element for everybody and by this element we want to unite artists regardless of nationality.

3. Do you know about any contemporary art gallery with a similar concept abroad, which is as well run by the artists and whose activity remains in the non-profit sector? Would you give me, please, its website and email address. Choose one gallery only.

3. Muraya

4. Are you willing to participate for your gallery in the upcoming exhibition in Armature works in Ústí nad Labem in September 2011?

4. Yes.

Yumiko Ono