Grocery Gallery

1. Are you trying to eliminate the curatorial aspect in your gallery?
1. This is not that unambiguous. I don’t have a chance to eliminate anything, the opposite I’m trying to galvanize all the aspects that lead to non-discerning or non-identifying, to the state of frenesy.

2. What is the concept of your gallery like?

2. Activity of a different character, cemented by superior moments of the creation with flair for new, creating thus its own language, communicating across the rigorously pure styles of the last decade with its own language, trying to show the field prepared for open manipulation with terminology.

3. Do you know about any contemporary art gallery with a similar concept abroad, which is as well run by the artists and whose activity remains in the non-profit sector? Would you give me, please, its website and email address. Choose one gallery only.

3. Galeria Szara (Joanna Rzepka-Dziedzic a Łukasz Dziedzic),

4. Are you willing to participate in a small conference held in October 2009 on the subject: Role of the curator in contemporary Czech fine art?

4. Yes.

Matyáš Chochola