In flagranti

Discolecture of Kate��iny Olivov��

03-03-2010 from 1 P.M.in the space of Kávomat at FaVU, Údolní 19, Brno – cycle of lecture with discussion

Forms of presentation of contemporary art
1 p.m. / Lenka Sýkorová: Phenomena of artist – curator /cancelled for health reasons/

Part of the project:
Caught in Fire – In Flagranti, Old brewery, Brno, 17. 2. – 8. 3. 2010

Lecture was organized by students of Brno art colleges FaVU, FFMU, JAMU. „In flagranti“ literally means being caught in fire. To us the term depicts an intense situation, which arises when artists meat art-theoreticians. The „fire“ should attract mainly art-theory students, to whom the exhibition offers the first-hand contact with the artists and who will be allowed to present their own research activity. The students will be as well offered space for publishing in a printed catalogue and to realize their own ideas when building up the accompanying program and preparing the exhibition.

Participating artists:
Filip Cenek, Tomáš Hodboď, Marek Hlaváč, Klarisa Kleinerová, Filin Krug, Ondrej Merta, Johanka Merta, Michael Rampula, Andrei Shulha, Barbora Trnková, Vojtěch Vaněk, Veronika Vlková, Tereza Sochorová.

Students of FF MU: Jana Písaříková, Martin Bernátek, Jan Boroš, Zuzana Klosová
Students of FaVU: Tomáš Hodboď, Ondřej Merta, Filip Krug.

As a part of “expert block” the lectures by Palo Fabuš, Tomáš Dvořák (AVU, AK ČR), Lenka Sýkorová and Jan Zálešák are promised. The block of lectures will also include the presentation of Ján Mančuška in the Video atelier at FaVU.